Options:  At Beautiful Home Pics, we give you several options in order to provide you with photographs you love.  When scheduling your photo shoot, please be sure to specify your preferences.  If you're not sure, our Artist will pick out what looks best for you.

Sky Options - Fluffy White Clouds vs. Beautiful Blue.  Let us know if you have a preference for a sky that's beautiful blue or filled with fluffy white clouds.  No matter what the actual weather may be outside, anytime of the year, we can use our "photographic magic" to get you the look you want. 

Fluffy White Clouds

Beautiful Blue Sky

01 Front Beautiful Blue.jpg

Window Options - Looking Out vs. Blown Out.  The looking out option works best when you have a nice garden or view just outside of the window or glass door.  If outside your window is a dumpster or a bunch of dead trees, blown out would be the better option for you. 

Blown Out

Looking Out

_MG_0237 Looking Out.jpg